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        Initially established in January 1956, Broadvision Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “BEC”) is now the secondary company of Yunnan Communications Investment & Construction Group Co. Ltd., owing to the provincial enterprise restructuring in June, 2018.

        In line with the business principle of “Based in Yunnan, Oriented to China and Heading for World”, supported by the business in highway construction, municipal works, architecture, water tranport, scientific research and consulting services, BEC actively expands the business related to the upstream and downstream industry chain, thus forming an integrated business layout of comprehensive planning, preliminary research, project investment & financing, survey & design, scientific innovation, testing & detection, project management, lump-sum contract and construction supervision. We have the design ability of over 80 billion yuan in terms of transport infrastructure investment and our business has expanded to countries in the South Asia, the Southeast Asia and Africa and more than ten provinces in China.

        Besides the eight Class A qualifications in comprehensive engineering investigation, engineering surveying, design of highway industry, design of municipal works, architectural design, engineering consultancy, testing & detection of highway and water transport, BEC also has eleven Class B qualifications in water supplying & drainage design for municipal works, landscaping design, map making, soil & water conservation (specific design, scheme making, detection and acceptance), environmental pollution treatment, environmental pollution rehabilitation, water pollution prevention, design of chemical, petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries (petrochemical storage), engineering design in ports & waterway, water transport consultancy, marine charting. Meanwhile BEC has qualifications such as professional contract of special works, overseas works contract, certification of class-A geotextile test, labor service of engineering investigation & surveying (drilling & well digging), certificate of CMA, class-A audit of municipal construction design. BEC has obtained the National Management System of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health.

        BEC has won the May lst Labor Medal, and many other awards such as: the National Integrity Unit of Survey & Design, the National Excellent Institute of Survey & Design, the National Outstanding Unit of Cultural Building in Transport Sector, the Advanced Collective of the Ministry of Communications, the Provincial Enterprise of Outstanding Contributions, the Provincial High-Tech Enterprise and the Provincial Civilized Unit. The past 60 years witnessed BEC was honored with over 90 National or Provincial Prizes for Progress in Science & Technology, more than 180 National or Provincial Awards of Excellent Survey, Excellent Design & High Quality Projects, in addition to over 70 patents and software copyrights.

        Adhering to the Enterprise Mission of “Design the Country to a Thoroughfare by us”, all staff in our company will make best efforts to work hard, innovatively and tenaciously with full work enthusiasm so as to fulfill our assignments. We are striding forward to realize the Enterprise Dream of “Century-Old Enterprise”.

        We are willing to provide high-quality consulting services for you!


        地址:云南省昆明市官渡區拓東路石家巷9號    電話:0871-63162371 


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